Metal work and Enameling + Community = A Colorful, Happy Day Dreamer!

As a little girl, I hunted for beautiful stones, collecting them under my bed along with my art and craft supplies. As I grew up, I realized how much nature, color, light, and beauty were a part of my being, growing up in the Midwestern countryside. Color and creating art have always energized me. My creative brain is always at work, scheming up my next creation.

When my hometown wanted to open a jewelers guild a few years ago, I was a part of the start-up. It gave me an opportunity to brush up on the metalsmithing skills I had picked up in my college coursework, and continues to provide me with a supportive community. Through mentorship and lots of experimentation, I began making my own metalwork and enameled jewelry, all one of a kind pieces made with love.

As I create each piece, I listen to the materials as the process unfolds, responding to what happens. The result is a one-of-a-kind piece that takes on even more meaning to me as a finished product, which is reflected in my item titles and descriptions. Like me, you'll find each listing involves a mixture of humor and spirit and spunk.

In the past, I was an art teacher in the public school system. Currently, in addition to being a jewelry maker and mom of three, I work as a receptionist at a local private school, Bethany Christian Schools, where two of my children attend. I feel glad and fortunate to be a part of my hometown's own little art renaissance, as Goshen is quickly becoming known for its wonderful artists and entrepreneurs. Cheers to what's to come!

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